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Epican’s mission is to help establish an international standard in the emerging global cannabis industry; pioneering the mass production of safe and consistent cannabis based products while building a sustainable and healthy industry that respects the environment, local economies and people’s health.


Herb is the healing of a Nation – Bob Marley
We are a dedicated team of true believers in the medicinal and spiritual value of the cannabis plant.


We strive to create and manufacture the most advanced therapeutically active cannabis products in Jamaica and the Caribbean

Our Promise

At Epican, it is our mission to raise industry standards. We grow our Organic Marijuana in the most pristine and sacred areas of Jamaica with the intention to bring the healing benefits of this incredible plant to the world.


Our plants are 100% Organic from the ground up… the way nature intended for it to be. The soil, the seeds, the water the air and the love that they are grown from results in the finest quality marijuana in Jamaica.


Our extracts are processed using the most advanced methods that ensure the highest quality …. that means no harmful chemicals or processes that could have a negative impact on quality.


Providing more ways to medicate tinctures are an excellent method of intaking the medical benefits of marijuana without smoking. Our tinctures are processed at the highest standards and are specifically designed to treat a range of medical conditions

Epican Amazing Products

FlowerCannabis comes in three strains: Indica, Sativa and Hybrid with each variety possessing different properties that can be developed to intensify specific characteristics of the plant for medical purposes.

OilsThe oil extracted from the cannabis plant contain the highest concentration of the active cannabinoid compounds providing the greatest benefits for treating numerous medical conditions.



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We love giving back to the communities we do business in and want you to be involved. Every time you add a listing with us or book with us, a percentage of the transaction is donated to a local nonprofit of your choice.

Let's do good together.