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The Healing Corner

Founded by Geri Ann Bradley in 2014, The Healing Corner is committed to understanding our patients’ individual conditions and providing the therapy they need. With a holistic approach to healing and therapy, The Healing Corner is able to treat our patients’ mind, body, and soul.

Our dedicated staff is here to work closely with the patient to understand their needs and prescribe the proper type of medical marijuana. In addition we educate our patients fully on effective use and safety in order to get the full benefits.

We’re passionate about delivering new and effective ways to bring relief and comfort to our patients.  Our priority is to educate and empower our patients to gain control of their lives and find healing and happiness. With The Healing Corner, hope is here.


  • Better understand and facilitate the needs of our patients, making sure they have the most enjoyable and comfortable experiences with medical marijuana.
  • Respect and honor the laws about medical marijuana set forth by the great state of Connecticut.
  • Create and maintain an atmosphere in our dispensaries based on professionalism, compassion, security, and privacy.
  • Set the highest standard for customer service in the medical marijuana industry.
  • Help keep our local community safe, clean, and peaceful.
  • Help eliminate negative stigmas attached to medical marijuana, dispensaries and patients in need through industry-leading service and through charitable outreach.
  • Create a positive example in both the medical marijuana industry and for other communities working to revise medical marijuana law

Registered MMJ Patients

The Healing Corner Is Connecticut’s Premier Medical Marijuana Dispensary
We believe in taking a compassionate approach that empowers our patients with the hope that medical marijuana can provide the relief and healing other treatments have failed to do. Medical marijuana offers this relief naturally and without many of the negative side effects of other treatment options.

We do this because we care, we understand what you’re going through, and we believe in a more compassionate and understanding treatment option. We want to offer our patients a new direction for their well being when nothing else has worked. Get in touch or make an appointment with one of our Patient Access Service Representatives to learn how we can get you started on the path to wellness.


How to Select The Healing corner as Your Medical Marijuana Dispensary FacilityRegistered MMJ Patients May Now Tour The Healing Corner Dispensary Facility
Patients who are already registered with another CT medical marijuana dispensary may tour The Healing Corner to meet our team of understanding experts. Give us a call to schedule a visit and learn how we can help you with compassionate and individualized treatment options.



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