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The story behind Kaya began with three best friends from Boulder who shared a passion for their community, a taste for high quality cannabis, and a dream to run a dispensary that had high quality cannabis that was affordable for our friends and family. Back then we called it “Southwest Alternative Care”.  As time went on, we needed a name that fit a little better with who we were, so we settled on “Kaya”. First and foremost, it means ‘beautiful’, but it’s also Jamaican slang for marijuana.

Our leadership team includes a former eagle scout, a scientist, a former nonprofit director, and a World Series Poker champ (well, second place). Colorado is our home and we love doing business here. We will always remain a locally owned and operated shop, because we like meeting our customers and getting to know our community.

We like to think of ourselves as a craft marijuana company: we grow all of our product in small batches, personally hand-trim it, and do an extended cure (which is like barrel-aging beer but doesn’t sound nearly as trendy). We develop our own genetics and strive to create new and unique strains for every batch. Make sure to come in often, because your favorite one-of-a-kind strain might sell out quickly!

Daily Deals

Types of Cannabis

Perfect for:
Daytime Activities
Social Gatherings
Creative Projects

Perfect for:
Falling Asleep
Stress Relief
Watching a Movie

Bred to create a unique combination of effects

Forms of Cannabis

Rolled Joint
Herb Vaporizer


Eat it or

drink it!

Oil Vaporizer
Dab Rig
Ingestible Oil

Kaya Reviews

Best quality buds. Great service every time I shop, i have nothing bad to say! They also work with you if you want specific things ordered. Wonderful experience I don’t know what I would do without Kaya!

Jonathan Andrews

I joined this dispensary because they were carrying a specific edible that I use daily for pain relief. They promised they would continue to stock that product. When they ran out of stock, they did not restock it. Month after month they have promised they would get it in for me and it would always be in ‘in next week or so’. 4 months later they still have not gotten the product in for me that they knew was the only reason I signed my plants over to them…

Ken Husak

Sold me pods that didnt work not happy customer.Go somewhere else!!!

Henry Kimbell

Product is great! Service was meh. My eighth didn’t weigh out to an eighth.

Jill Stasko

Tasty concentrate..and fabulous flower and awesome staff.2 thumbs up..Glad being a part of the Kaya family.. 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

Juan Barreras

I pay 20 for a 4 gram 1/8 at good meds and there flower is a lot better. 30.00 for a 3.5 1/8 is to expensive for this flower that’s ok but nothing special. They have a sign that says 25.00 rec eighths and 27.00 for med eighths she explained to me that it’s because rec is charged higher taxes. So I have to pay more because rec is taxed more? It makes no sense to me…

Aaron Applewhite

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We love giving back to the communities we do business in and want you to be involved. Every time you add a listing with us or book with us, a percentage of the transaction is donated to a local nonprofit of your choice.

Let's do good together.

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