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KAYA HERB HOUSE ST. ANN Dispensary Medical

Drax Hall Jamaica


Born in Jamaica, Kaya is the first medicinal ganja herb house in the Caribbean. Our holistic ecosystem is focused on wellness, and it was created to teach visitors about the history of ganja, show them how it’s grown, and provide a social setting for them to enjoy it.
Our locations are the perfect pit stop to sample the best buds, straight-from-the-farm extracts, and range of local flavours at our café, where we prepare natural juices. We also offer tours and our irie likkle pizzeria brings you authentic Italian cooking with local ingredients. Patients can bring their local medical licences or visit our in-house doctor.
Kaya was created to spread knowledge and love for this ancient herb, while bringing people together – the way ganja is supposed to be enjoyed.


Kaya is more than a dispensary. Here we create a holistic approach to medicating on ganja that also enlightens one about the herb – from the moment a seed is planted to the moment you medicate.
At Kaya Farms we grow our 18-time Jamaican Cannabis Cup winners as well as a variety of other strains. In our Kaya Extracts lab we make a wide range of highly acclaimed extracts, while Kaya Tours take you on a journey of learning about ganja from seed to flower.

To beat the munchies we have Kaya Café which proudly serves Marley Coffee, natural local Kaya juices and authentic Italian-style pizzas cooked by the renowned Leonardo Sammarco, aka Doughboy, on request.


The heart of our brand, our farm is open for tours so guests can learn about our organic process and traditional Jamaican cultivation as well as explore our labs where we produce our award-winning extracts.


Our techniques comes from the utmost respect for our herbs. Our land is blessed with rich soil and a wide variety of nutrients given to us by Nature.


Our energy comes from the sun and our nutrients from the soil. To keep our farm as organic as possible, we use water from our natural spring.


Our growers have grown in nature, learning the most traditional methods of cultivating ganja. Paired with their experience are the most advanced grow rooms in the world. Kaya is able to implement the most modern techniques while still respecting Mother Earth.



Kaya was born out of love for Ganja and love for Jamaica.
Ganja is part of Jamaican culture. It was brought to our island hundreds of years ago by East Indian cane-cutters whose ancestors had been using ganja for thousands of years. This repository of knowledge, together with our soil and climate, made Jamaica home to some of the best strains of ganja in the world.
So after decades of ganja marginalization and criminalization, Kaya is working to make these same herbs, which we respect so much, a mechanism of change for good. Kaya is the seed of a new Jamaica.

Kaya Herb House St. Ann Reviews

Visited here for the first time today, and it was a solid experience. I’m a fairly heavy smoker in the UK so consider myself someone of high tolerance. I bought some flo, and smoked a .5 of it. It got me on a good level and I enjoyed it, though it wasn’t quite on the level on what I get at home…

Jack Perry 

A wide selection of almost whatever you need (in high quality) (like rlly good stuff). I suggest Kaya over trying to find someone on the street. I had a great experience, hope you find what you’re looking for 🙂

Alex Ryall

They are very professional especially when they were at fault! Very accommodating. Best herb on the island! Dont forget to hit the dab lounge and outside bar!

Stuart Campbell

I am all for it great location, beautiful concept still have a few touches to go and include. The entrance just needs to look the part as well, one thing is knowing what we are going for, another is to create a welcoming ambiance. Top it they did by connecting you to food..Scotchies is right next door. They don’t have an ATM on site but luckily one is at the gate station 4 minutes walk. Count me as a regular

Mario South

Go with HIGH expectations 😅 the experience is delightful, the entire place just has this cool ambience, it’ll have u relaxed before the Indica can


Kaya is the spot if you want to experience the best herb Jamaica has to offer. Jamaica is a place where there is no shortage of herb…it’s everywhere. They have a second location but we did not stop at that location. Which it would have been cool to see the rest of the plane an bar there as well. Staff was super cool. Not only at the herb shop but the coffee shop, bar and pizza shop. Everyone was was friendly and fun…

Jaxsun Mau

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