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Marijuana usage and getting the munchies tend to go hand in hand, so why not add your eat and drink venue for free.

Why Host On CANRVE

CANRVE members, while traveling, do get the usual munchies and hungry to know the nearest restaurant, lounge or cafe instead of tearing through an entire bag of chips. Make your eat or drink spot visible to a new pipeline of customers searching for your culinary services.

You Are In Control

When you list your restaurant, cafe or lounge with CANRVE, you decide if you want your listing to have reservation capabilities. You can turn our intuitive booking platform on or off to manage guest & reservations!

Share Your Restaurant With The CANRVE Community Members 

Free marketing is our new norm. Grow your restaurant, cafe, or lounge business by simply placing it on CANRVE. Tell our members where to find you.

How To Host On CANRVE?

1. List Your Amazing Space

Listing your restaurant, lounge or cafe with us is entirely FREE. Share your locations wherever you are located around the world, whether you are a chill cafe, lounge, bar, or fancy restaurant, we welcome everyone to take advantage of and use our easy to use platform. Again, why not, it’s FREE!

2. Creating Your Listing

All restaurant, lounge, or cafe receive their own beautifully laid out pages that customers can checkout. The first impression is everything. Add a very detailed description of your service, great photos, videos, menu, price range, and any additional details. We offer complimentary listing concierge help when you want that extra customized touch.

3. Your Restaurant, Lounge or Cafe listing goes live

After adding all your details, submit your listing and Voilà, you are up and running. Once your listing becomes live, you can communicate with your guests through our secure messaging platform, answering any questions they may have and assisting them.

Your Space Is Under Control

List With Ease

It is easy to list your restaurant, lounge or cafe in less than 10 minutes with CANRVE. Control your listing through your dashboard, and my listings.

Your Prices

You control your price range + additional services offered.


Like all other directory sites, CANRVE allows users to leave a review. We encourage the restaurant hosts to respond to our mutual customers when a review has been written.

Common Questions

Yes, we welcome all restaurants to list on CANRVE.

Listing on CANRVE is entirely FREE for all restaurants, lounge, cafe, or bars.

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