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Sea Serpent Water Pipe


The Oil Change Bundle


4″ Aluminum Dugout with Magnetic Top – Green


1ml Glass Syringe with Stainless Steel Plunger (Silver)


Extra Large 14″ x 12″ Trimming Tray (Rolling Tray)



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Pine Pollen Sifter Box w/100 Micron Screen


MiniVape 2 – Compact, Discreet, State-of-the-Art Oil Vaporizer (Green)


Classy Wood Handle One-Hitter Bat with Spring Loaded Ash Ejector


Deluxe Saxophone Pipe


3″ Anodized Aluminum Dugout – Black


Grade 2 Titanium Anodized Nail with Male and Female Joint (10mm,14mm & 19mm)


Mini Bamboo Sifter Box & Pollen Press (Bundle)


Pine Sifter Box & Pollen Press (Bundle)