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CANRVE connects people with cannabis-friendly vacation rentals and experiences provided by hosts who are eager to share their local culture and neighborhoods. 

All content is powered by the CANRVE cannabis friendly community.

Earn more on CANRVE

Become a part of the CANRVE community! Share your home spaces and local experiences with the people who are in search of a safe cannabis-friendly environment. The cannabis traveler will pay more for peace of mind, which allows you to earn more money with CANRVE.

Your keywords

Improve your search performance results by including keywords your desired customer will use to search for your home rental services. CANRVE’s intuitive platform offers you a keyword field and optimizes your listing for better performance.

Adding a listing can be intimidating,

and you might have a few questions. We are here to help! Choose what type of listing you are creating, answer our questions, and we will create a customized listing for you.

Listing your home space with us is free

Share your home space, hotel, bed & breakfast without any listing fees. Your cannabis friendly space can be a single bedroom, condo, an inn, or a mansion.

You set the rules

Set your own prices, choose when you would like guests in your space, and you choose where they can smoke or vape.

Earn more on CANRVE

The Cannabis community will pay a premium for peace of mind when traveling, knowing they are booking accommodations and services that welcome the cannabis lifestyle.

Your listing goes live

You can communicate with your verified guests before arrival through our messaging platform, answering any questions they may have and assisting them in planning their adventures while staying at your home or hotel.

List and host your home on CANRVE

Trust & Safety

We know our community is different and unique in many ways. We want everyone to have fun when he or she uses the services of CANRVE and feel confident they are in a safe place interacting with trustworthy people. We ask everyone to respect other people’s homes, their personal belongings, and personal property.  To fulfill this need, we have implemented safety measures that will put everyone at ease.

We protect our homeowners and hoteliers

  • All guests profiles are verified, and host listings
  • We maintain an intuitive private messaging system for guests and hosts to communicate
  • We manage a safe and trusted platform system to collect, and payout to our customers
  • You set the rules that must be agreed on before booking
  • Access past guest reviews
  • We are available 24/7 for customer support

Your Payments

Our fees are competitive

Your listing is FREE! CANRVE’s fee for rental reservations is 2.99% from the host owner and 6.5% from the guest. 

CANRVE pays you quickly

We pay you as soon as your guest checks in. You choose how you would like to be paid.

Your rates, you decide

It’s your home or hotel; you decide what to charge. If you can’t decide, use our comparison tools.

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Quick Facts

Any homeowner or business owner residing in a legal cannabis state, province or country, is welcome to list their property or service on CANRVE.  All listings are based on approval and certain requirements.

Please refer to The CANRVE Community expectations and standards.

Remember, you set the rules on where your guests are allowed to smoke or vape. It is essential to be very clear in your rules. You are also allowed to charge a smoking deposit in the event your rules are broken.

You will have the ability to add additional services and fees to your space such as:

  • Cleaning fee

  • Additional guest fee

  • Pet fee

  • Late check-out fee

CANRVE reserves the right to reject additional fees that do not fall within our guidelines.

All users on CANRVE are required to verify their identity, by supplying a few essential details prior to booking:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Confirmed Phone Number
  • Profile Photo (Required)
  • Government ID (Not required but recommended)
  • A Personal Introduction
  • Agree to Your Home Rules
  • Payment Information

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