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CANRVE connects people with cannabis-friendly vacation rentals and experiences provided by hosts who are eager to share their local culture and neighborhoods.

Earn More On CANRVE

Become a part of the CANRVE community! Share your home spaces and local experiences with the people who are in search of a safe cannabis-friendly environment. The cannabis traveler will pay more for peace of mind, which allows you to earn more money with CANRVE.

You Are in Control

When you list your activity/experience with CANRVE, you decide if you want your listing to have booking capabilities. You can turn our booking platform off and be featured as a listing only.

CANRVE experiences are the fun side of Cannabis!

We encourage the cannabis community to change the stigma of cannabis use by giving you a platform to educate the public through your artistry, creativity, workshops, and imagination.

Adding a listing can be intimidating,

and you might have a few questions. We are here to help! Choose what type of listing you are creating, answer our questions, and we will create a customized listing for you.

Listing Your Experience

Once listed on CANRVE, your experience will be visible to travelers and locals alike who are searching for something new and entertaining.

Be Inspired & Create Your Own Business on CANRVE

Help people find your experience by adding descriptive content, clear crisp photos, and videos as well as any fun features that are unique to your brand. Then you set the time, place, and cost.

Your Listing

All experience providers have the option of having our booking platform included in their listing. We process the client’s payments for you and ensure you are paid quickly. Each experience/activity is featured with a beautiful layout that compliments the services provided.

Your Keywords

Improve your search performance results by including keywords your desired customer will use to search for your experiences. CANRVE’s intuitive platform offers you a keyword field and optimizes your listing for better performance.


May I list more than one service on CANRVE?

Yes, you may list multiple services on CANRVE, i.e., homes, hotels, experiences, cafes, restaurants, etc.

May I list a cannabis event on CANRVE experiences?

Yes, you may as long as you hold an event license.

Do all experience providers require a business license?

Not all experience providers would need a business license, but we recommend making sure you are in compliance with all federal and local laws before attempting to list on CANRVE.

Trust & Safety

We know our community is different and unique in many ways. We want everyone to have fun when he or she uses the services of CANRVE and feel confident they are in a safe place interacting with trustworthy people. We ask everyone to respect our host owner’s services. To fulfill this need, we have implemented safety measures that will put everyone at ease.

We protect our customers

  • All guests profiles are verified, and host listings
  • We maintain an intuitive private messaging system for guests and hosts to communicate
  • We manage a safe and trusted platform system to collect, and payout to our customers
  • You set the rules that must be agreed on before booking
  • Access past guest reviews
  • We are available 24/7 for customer support

Your Payments

Our Fees Are Competitive

Your listing is FREE! CANRVE’s host owner fee for all reservations is 7.5%. The Guest does not pay a fee. 

CANRVE Pays You Quickly

We pay you 24 hours after your experience takes place. You choose how you would like to be paid.

Your Rates, You Decide

It is your experience; you decide what to charge. If you cannot decide, use our comparison tools.

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