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Increase Your Experience Attendance and Revenue by Educating Consumers About Your Brand

Finding new customers to see and buy your experience is an essential part of the sales, marketing, and advertising process. Are you tired of paying for ineffective and disjointed campaigns? Do you have a great product but are not gaining the right customers? CANRVE’s service and business Directory will provide you the exposure it needs to grow your sales and revenue.

CANRVE’s Listing & Advertising All-Inclusive Package Full Inclusions, an Incredible Value!

  1. Includes 1 listing
  2. Custom layout of pages
  3. Includes Google, Facebook and Instagram Advertising
  4. Full product menu
  5. Buy Now Link to Your Web Platform
  6. Featured In Search Results
  7. SEO Improved Positions
  8. Include your Social Media Links
  9. Social Media Shout-out
  10. CANRVE Community Shout-out
  11. Listing is visible for as long as you want
  12. Visitor Analytics
  13. 24/7 Support

Let’s Focus Attention On Your Brand, Its Identity, and Attractively Display Your Services With Ease To Navigate and Purchase

Brand identity is everything visual about your brand, including a dedicated page, centering attention on your product, Buy Now, Special Coupons, visually appealing instant purchase call to action. CANRVE ensures customers and prospective customers see your brand and purchase your services.

Boost conversion rates by adding a Youtube or Vimeo video.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures. 

One of the best ways to elevate your brand is to show it off to your customers using a video. We offer this directly on your listing page.

Benefits of Video Marketing

  • Your video will boosts conversion rates. Including video on your listing page, which can increase conversions by 80%!
  • Search engines love video, and our SEO tools will help increase exposure.
  • Video builds trust and credibility with new and old customers.
  • Your video will encourage social shares.

CANRVE gives your business the focus it deserves!

Our “find experiences” locator displays five at a time to ensure your store is easily found — not lost in a full map of competitors. Consumers can quickly locate your experience.

Show off your experience/activity with magnificent photos?

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Upload amazing photos to showcase your experiences to your future customers. CANRVE highlights your activities beautifully! Do not keep it a secret and add photos for customers to feel like they are touching and feeling before they walk through the door. Besides, when customers are placing an online order, your pictures comfort them to purchase your experience without stepping in. Let them feel at home.

CANRVE Embraces Social Media & Encourage Adding Your Social Pages.

We add your social media because you can promote your products, inform and educate customers, and stay in touch with your target audience from anywhere.

Many people mistake social media as a trend; the truth is, social media is a staple in our culture that will not go away.

In fact, social media doesn’t just work because it’s popular; it is popular because it works. The use of social media continues to evolve and advance and becoming more and more prominent in all aspects of our business lives.

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Let Us Drive New Customers Your Way

We are new, and we know it. As we grow, you grow with us. CANRVE is getting 250K+ visitors per month in search of your brand and products. We are generous with our customized listings for you. Our new customers are hungry for additional information and unfamiliar with your brand. CANRVE’s platform is easy to navigate and displays, drive and markets your brand effectively to increase your sales.

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