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What is CANRVE, and how does it work?

CANRVE, pronounced, Can-arve, is a powerful tool to support the growing cannabis-friendly travel industry.

CANRVE is designed to connect people with cannabis-friendly vacation rentals, businesses, and experiences provided by hosts and business owners who are eager to share their local culture and neighborhoods with like-minded individuals.

We believe that the CANRVE community is a community of sharing, educating, fostering, and building new friendships around the world. By sharing your home and neighborhood, you help educate the community about our growing industry.

The cannabis culture is new to many but has been around for ages. We want to use our platform to build bridges between all who believe in the benefits of cannabis.

We hope you will join the movement! Becoming a part of the CANRVE community gives you a platform to share your home rental spaces, 420-friendly businesses, and local experiences with people who are in search of a safe cannabis-friendly environment, without discrimination, when they are traveling.

Adding a listing can be intimidating,

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