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Steps to adding your beautiful home and how it works

Steps to adding your beautiful home and how it works

STEP 2 – Your Account

Create your free CANRVE account and complete your personal profile.

STEP 2 – Your Home’s Profile

Create your free HOME profile. Tell the renter WHY they should rent your home. What does it include, what makes it unique, and why do you love your home? Upload photos + video link to showcase the spaces your guests will enjoy. Be sure to include pictures of any outdoor living spaces, as many cannabis users prefer smoking outside. Look for opportunities to build additional revenue streams into your listing by adding a cleaning service or dog walker, etc.

Travel is a social industry, so we’ve offered you the benefit of being able to select what social media platforms you want your home to be easily shared on.

Once you’ve added the fun stuff to your home’s profile, it’s time to focus on the fine-print by setting your house rules, creating your availability calendar, and deciding on a price point.

We recommend using the standard industry practices on the cancellation policy, but you do have the option of editing this in your listing.

STEP 3 – Set Your Price + CANRVE’ Fees

Deciding on the right price point for your home is one of the most important steps in renting your home. You set the price for your home, and we only charge a 2.9% service fee to cover payment processing on all reservations. 

STEP 4 – Reservations + Payments

We bring to the table over 20 years of private villa rental experience and have designed our reservations and payment platform to be as simple a process as possible for both the homeowner + renter. 

We never want you to miss a reservation, so once someone reserves your home, you will be notified via text, email, and your CANRVE message inbox. 

When a guest reserves your home, they are charged immediately and before receiving a reservation confirmation. The payment for your rental is sent automatically, based on your choice of either PayPal or direct deposit, within 24 hours after your guest’s check-in.

STEP 5 – Guest Prep

Preparing for your guest’s arrival and helping your guest feel at home in your space is crucial. Getting your home ready, cleaning, and ensuring everything presented on your CANRVE home listing is available and in good working order. See ‘Some Tips On Being A Fabulous Host’ below for the necessary basics to ensure your guest is comfortable.

Often guests have specific questions unique to your home and will message you directly. Responding promptly is crucial to ensure your guests never lose faith in the decision they have made to rent your home. You may respond with ease via your CANRVE message inbox.

STEP 6 – Welcome Your Guests

Many of our homeowners prefer to meet + greet their guests personally to provide the keys and a quick tour. If you are not available, having a property manager or neighbor who is familiar with your property carry out the meet + greet is suggested over leaving keys in a lockbox. This personal touch will go a long way in ensuring your guests begin their vacation feeling welcomed + informed. 



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