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Cannabis travel begins with CANRVE!

Cannabis travel begins with CANRVE!

Cannabis-friendly travel has come a long way from overflowing VW busses leaving a cloud of smoke in their wake.

CANRVE offers a fast and easy way to find the best cannabis-friendly vacation homes, hotels, experiences, dispensaries, CBD Stores, culinary services, and much more.

Whether you are on a business trip or a personal retreat, we will assist in connecting you with like-minded individuals who welcome your business.

Make CANRVE the first stop on your travel planning adventure! 

List With Us or check out the scene.



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Is This Your Business?

This listing is not verified. We’ve provided a courtesy listing for your property or company because we love it and want to help you grow your business! CLAIM your listing above and join the CANRVE Community! CANRVE connects people with cannabis-friendly vacation rentals and experiences provided by hosts and business owners who are eager to share their local culture and neighborhoods.


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